Desert Bighorn Sheep at Fluorspar Canyon

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11/18/2013 Picture Notes: While exploring the eastern side of the Bare Mountains, just south of Beatty Nevada, in an area once known as the Fluorine District, a.k.a. Bare Mountain District, I had three separate spotting's of Desert Bighorn Sheet. The first was on the backside of Meiklejohn Ridge near a large open pit mine. While hiking out on a hillside that overlooked the open pit mine on the way to the Telluride Mine site, I felt someone looking at me. When I turned and looked up, I spotted a beautiful Bighorn Sheep (Figs. 01-03) starring down at me from the top of the ridge. Later on while hiking up to the Telluride Mine, I spotted two more (Figs. 04 & 05) on the nearby hillside. Finally, as we were leaving the area at the end of the day, we spotted two more near the beginning of Flurospar Canyon Road.
EFP-P1050270 EFP-P1050272
EFP-P1050311 EFP-P1050314