Daytrip - Beatty and Rhyolite Nevada

EP-P1050005This week Harvey and I headed out to Beatty in search of the Ordovician fossils at The Great Beatty Mudmound. Unfortunately we were unable to find this location until very late in the day. Along the way we stopped at the Gold Ace Mine. Subsequently, we ended up doing some 4-wheeling around the ghost town Rhyolite, once the center of the Bullfrog Mining District. We eventually drove to the top of Sawtooth Mountain, elevation 6,005 feet, the highest peak in the area. The hills, which are steep, rocky, and practically bare of vegetation, are a sharp contrast to the surrounding valley’s. Click here for pictures and information about today’s trip … Ghost Town of Rhyolite, Nevada. This also included a stop at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, just south of Rhyolite ... Goldwell Open Air Museum.