Trips to Goodsprings

EFP-P1000743Over the past few weeks, Harvey and I have made two trips to Goodsprings; one to explore some of the old mines in the hills behind the town and another to the top of Mount Potosi. In the past, because most of the mines we have explored have been off of Sandy Valley Road, we decided to look around some of the mines closer to the town of Goodsprings that were more responsible for its initial development as a town. As I began putting the pictures together from these visits, I ended up creating four separate pages in order to provide more information and history; one on the town of Goodsprings itself, one on the Pioneer Saloon, one on the Goodsprings Mining District, and one on our ride up to the top of Mount Potosi. I just know you’re going to love the pictures from Mount Potosi. Though there are links to each of these pages within the one page on Goodsprings, I have provided a link to each individual page below.

Town of Goodsprings Nevada: Goodsprings
The Pioneer Saloon: Pioneer Saloon
Yellow Pine Mines: Yellow Pine Mines
Mount Potosi: Mount Potosi