Carpenter 1 (canyon) Fire

07/18/2013 Fire Update: Click the following link to get the latest update on the Carpenter 1 Fire and pictures and info from my visit yesterday to some of the affected areas ... Carpenter 1 (canyon) Fire - The Aftermath.

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Map-Carpenter Canyon Fire
(Fig. Map)
Yesterday (07/13 – day thirteen of the fire) heavy equipment was used to open roads and gain access into the areas which were affected by flash flooding/debris flows on Friday. This allowed firefighters to continue constructing direct line southeast into the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Creeping and smoldering with isolated single tree torching was the observed fire behavior yesterday. Structure protection continues for Kyle Canyon, also the Harris and Prospect Ranches. Crews are continuing cold trailing and construction of a line along the South Loop ridge while patrol and mop-up operations are ongoing in all areas of the fire. The area shown in the (Fig. Map) above represents the 27,971 acres (roughly 43-square miles) burned as of Friday morning. The recent wet weather has allowed firefighters battling the Carpenter 1 wildfire near Mt. Charleston to strengthen their containment lines, bringing the fire to about 43 percent containment, a significant increase from many of the previous reports which listed containment at 15 percent. The extra moisture allowed the nearly 1,400 people battling the blaze to make progress building containment lines along Kyle Canyon Road near the Rainbow neighborhood.

07/12/2013 Fire Update: The good news is that as a result of yesterday's heavy monsoon rains this massive fire is about 42% contained as of this morning. The bad news is that it has now burned 28,000 acres and is still not out.
(Fig. 01)
07/10/2013 Picture Notes: While we were out driving around yesterday, I captured some more pictures of the smoke plumes of the Carpenter Canyon fire that is still raging in Mount Charleston area of the Spring Mountains, just west of the city. The shot in (Fig. 01) was captured along NV-160 near Lovell Canyon Road on our way out to the Pahrump Valley Winery. Lovell Canyon Road was closed to fire fighting personnel only. If you look carefully at this picture, you can see some flames near the middle of the plume. The picture in (Fig. 02) was taken out by Red Rock Canyon near the turnoff for Calico Basin.
Fire Notes: Today (07/11) we received some much needed rain that we hope will aid the firefighting efforts against this huge fire. Yesterday was the 10th day of this fire, which now according to estimates is only 15% contained and has burned more than 25,000 acres – approximately 40-square miles. As of late yesterday some more elite out of state firefighting crews joined the effort to control this blaze, bringing the total number of firefighters to more than 1,048.
(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
07/08/2013 Picture Note: Captured the picture in (Fig. 03) above from the highway coming back into Las Vegas with our friends Jim Herring and his daughter Christina after a daytrip out to Boulder City for lunch and a visit to the Hoover Dam and the Mike O'Callihan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It shows the smoke from the Trout Canyon fire, now in its 8th day, blanketing the city of Las Vegas. So far this fire is only 15% contained and has already burned 18,000 acres or about three square miles. They don’t expect to have it under control until the 19th of July. Jim sent me the bottom picture (Fig. 04) that he took from his house in north Las Vegas after he got home that evening.
EFP-Jim's image
(Fig. 04)

(Fig. 05)
07/05/2013 Picture Notes: After picking company up from the airport on Friday afternoon, I captured these pictures on the way over to my friends house in North Las Vegas. (Fig. 05) was taken while stopped at an intersection off US-95. The pictures in (Figs. 06-08) were taken from a mall outside In & Out Burger.

Fire Notes: The fire, ignited Monday by lightning just south of Carpenter Canyon in the Spring Mountains, covered about 1,950 acres by Thursday. The growing wildfire forced residents to come down the hill Thursday afternoon and leave their homes behind. By Friday night the fire spread to near Mount Charleston. Having grown to about 6,000 acres, it prompted 520 residents to evacuate. Trout and Kyle canyon communities northwest of Las Vegas are under mandatory evacuations, while Lee Canyon is open only to residents. The fire remained completely uncontained by early Friday afternoon. Officials say they expect winds up to 35 mph and extreme fire behavior throughout Friday and Saturday. Roads and trails in the area are closed, as is all access to Mount Charleston Peak.
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(Fig. 07)
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