Clark County Wetlands Park

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Destination: Clark County Wetlands Park
Distance from Point of Origin: 10.2 miles.
Estimated (One Way) Travel Time: 25 minutes.
Directions: From the Stratosphere, head southwest on South Las Vegas Blvd and go .3 miles to Sahara Ave. Turn left onto NV-589 E/E Sahara Ave and drive 3.2 miles and then turn right onto NV-582 South (Boulder Hwy) for .8 miles.  Take the ramp onto I-515 S/US-93 S/US-95 South and go 2.3 miles and take exit 68 for Tropicana Ave toward McCarran Airport. Go .3 miles and Turn left onto East Tropicana Ave. Follow Tropicana east for 2.9 miles, crossing Boulder Highway and continue east until Tropicana bends to the right in a broad, 45-degree turn to the right (south). At the curve, Tropicana turns into Broadbent Blvd. On the outside of the curve, about halfway through the curve, Tropicana continues east, but the name changes to Wetlands Park Lane. There is a small sign for the Preserve at the intersection. Drive east for .4 miles on Wetlands Park Lane (Tropicana) to Hollywood Lane. Turn left onto Hollywood, and immediately on the right is the temporary Information Center and visitor parking. The trails start north of the temporary Information Center, leading out between the fenced maintenance yard and the rest rooms.

General Description: Still in the final stages of construction, this is a 210 acre nature preserve is located on the eastern edge of Las Vegas, bordering the Las Vegas Wash. The Wetlands Park Nature Preserve is located adjacent to the Visitor Center, off of East Tropicana and Wetlands Park Lane.  The Nature Preserve features two miles of concrete walking trails as well as several miles of graveled secondary trails.  In addition, there is another hiking area just south called, The Duck Creek Trail that is over a 1/2 mile in length. Its trailhead begins at Broadbent and ends at the Wetlands Nature Preserve. Visitors can also access the 1/2 mile Coyote Loop and the Quail Run Loop from the main Duck Creek Trail.
Special Attraction or Points of Interest:   At the Wetlands Information Center, visitors can view Wetlands videos, displays and photographs that explain the County's plans for the area, the ecological and esthetic riches of the wetlands and the serious environmental problems the park is helping to solve.
Primary Activity: Hiking/Birding.
Secondary Activities: Photography.

Elevation: Between 1,630 and 1,760 feet.
Best Time To Visit: Anytime of year is good, however, I would recommend the spring-time when the abundant trees and plants are in bloom. The Fall can also provide some nice color as the leaves on many of the trees start to turn.
Difficulty: Easy
Facilities: The Wetlands Information center is open from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., 7 days a week.There are several restroom facilities scattered about the park.
Estimated Round-trip Time: About three to four hours depending upon how much you hike and stop to take pictures.
More Info On Clarke County Wetlands Park:
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03/01/2012 Trip Notes: I came here for the second time here with a friend that was visiting from out of state. Though everything is more colorful later in the spring when the trees and plants are in bloom, it was still a nice hike. We observed a variety of wildlife including some turtles, a white egret, a hawk, coots, ducks, a huge roadrunner and nearly a half-dozen Desert Cottontail Rabbits. Unfortunately, the only thing I was able to capture  before they either flew off or ran away were a few coots and some turtles that were lazily sunning themselves on a rock, oblivious to all passersby. Laced with more than five miles of concrete and graveled secondary walking trails, one can spend upwards of three hours looking for wildlife photo opportunities.
The several miles of trails (see map above) meander along various man-made water channels that connect a series of six different ponds where one can find a variety of water fowl. The Las Vegas Wash runs along the entire eastern edge of the property and has several scenic overlooks that offer some nice picture taking opportunities. There is a bridge built over two waterfalls that spans the wash at the upper end of the park. There are also several shade shelters, amphitheaters, seating areas and two restrooms located throughout the park (see map above).
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