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Reptiles of Nevada Venomous Reptiles of Nevada

Habitat TypesThe lower elevations are dominated by Mojave Desert Scrub (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), where Creosote BushMojave YuccaBanana YuccaBuckhorn Cholla, and low-growing shrubs are common. Scattered Honey Mesquite occur in washes, as do more common Catclaw Acacia and Apache Plume.
The middle elevations are also Mojave Desert Scrub (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), but the vegetation is dominated by blackbrushJoshua treesbuckhorn chollaMojave yucca, and banana yucca.
The higher elevations are dominated by a Pinyon-Juniper Woodland (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), where singleleaf pinyon pineUtah juniper, various chollapricklypear, andhedgehog cactus species, banana yucca, and a variety of knee-high shrubs are common. On the peaks, California juniper replace Utah juniper.

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