Tagging In Pittman Wash

Though this is not something that I usually use this site for, I felt because this was so offensive  and close to home, that it was it worthy of providing space for in the hopes that it might incite others into action by being more vigilant in helping to prevent these type of affronts to our everyday way of life and pursuits of happiness.  The Henderson Pittman Wash, which runs right along the northern property boundary line of our apartment complex, is an area where hundreds of local residents walk their dogs daily and take regular nature walks, bike rides, and jogs. But over this past weekend (between 9/24-9/25) someone decided to stamp their name all over it, in black spray paint. There was even a swastika painted on a trash can. What looks like a group of at least four taggers defaced walls, trees, park benches, light poles and walkways with gang-style tagging along the .8 mile stretch of this normally tranquil area between Green Valley Parkway and  Valle Verde Drive.
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The Good news was that the Henderson Graffiti Abatement Team was quick to respond to this horrific disrespect of public property and within a matter of an hour had most of these offensive tags painted over. We certainly give credit and our thanks to them for a job well done. Graffiti, or tagging, is a gross misdemeanor, and possibly a felony in the City of Henderson. If you see somebody in the act of tagging, or you want to report graffiti and request removal, please contact the City of Henderson Graffiti Removal 24-Hour Hotline at 267-3220. The Henderson graffiti removal program will have the damaged property restored to it's original condition. You may choose to repair the damage yourself, however, first take a photo of it as evidence and submit it to the investigating officer.  Tagging is punishable by law and the penalty may be fines and/or jail time. Parents will be held responsible for the restitution of property damage caused by their children's delinquent act.
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P1070282In addition, we certainly want to thank News 3's Denise Rosch for coming out and talking to people who live near the wash about what the crime has meant to their sense of security and for capturing this cleanup and helping to make the community at large more aware of these vandalistic acts. Click here to view Channel 3's news coverage  [Pittman Wash marked by vandals].

Also, our thanks to Fox News 5 for their report the day before. View Channel 5's news coverage here [Taggers strike Pittman Wash].

It is only with the help of everyday citizens, working with our local police departments, that we can ever hope to arrest and stop these criminals from infringing on our God given right to enjoy that which is ours.