Site Introduction

Welcome to my Photo Gallery. As of 2019 there are more than 1,668 posts, most containing multiple pictures. I estimate that there are now more than 7,525 pictures on a wide variety of subjects scattered throughout the site that have received more than 457,965 page views. Because most of the pictures shown here have been captured while hiking areas in and around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, the site has somewhat evolved into more of a hiking journal; listing and describing the places I have visited. There are eight ways to find information on the site. [1] To locate a page on a specific place or subject by using the SEARCH THIS BLOG box located in the upper left side of the home page. One of the easiest ways to find a particular hiking location is to use one of the "TABS" located at the top of each page. For additional ways to locate specific pages ... {click "Read more >>" below}
[2] Use one of the four Tabs located across the top of the home page. The tabs, left to right, click either the Pics by Location tab, Pics by Subject tab, the Pics by Process tab, or the DayTrip Hikes tab. Selecting the Pic by Location tab lists pictures of hikes and trips by location. Selecting the DayTrip Hikes tab provides you with a complete list of all my hikes, daytrips and road trips. Selecting the Pics by Subject tab provides you with a list of all the categories and indices for each page with pictures on the site. Likewise, selecting the Pics by Process tab provides you with lists of pictures of Special Compositions, Edited Pics by Process, and other special subjects.

[3] If you want to see my most recent postings, scrolling down to the next post on the home page will present you with post titled, Recently Added Pages. This post, and its associated links, lists by month, all page/picture posts made over the past several months.

[4] If you continue scrolling down, the next three posts on the home page provide a 'highlight' description titled, "Daytrip - (subject title)" with links to the most recent three posts made to the site.

[5] Finally, there is column on the left side of the home page entitled, POPULAR POSTS. The list in the left-side column, with a picture, shows the most visited pages by viewers over the previous 30-days.

Viewing Problems? Some persons have noted problems in viewing pages on this site with certain versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Because it is created using Google Blogspot, I have always used Google Chrome for a browser, where there are no viewing problems. You can download the Chrome browser for free at Free Chrome Browser.