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Background: Over the past several years I have created a variety of slideshows using various programs and several different Internet sites, resulting in a difficult and confusing mess to remember and maintain. Currently, the slideshows on this site are either posted on and run by (Picasa Web Albums) or (OneDrive).
NOTE: Since Google created Google Photos, they 'retired' the Picasa Web site and no longer supports Picasa; porting the albums that were on Picasa to Google Photos. Though you can still view, download, or delete your Picasa Web Albums, you can't create, organize or edit these existing albums. 

As the result of Google's actions, I have begun the long process of converting and consolidating everything onto a single site (OneDrive).

Picasa Web Albums), that I feel offers the best features for maintaining synced albums. The majority of my slideshows are associated with a particular destination or hiking location and are found at the bottom of a post's page. Where I have more than one post for a specific hike or location, I have placed the slideshow at at bottom of the first (summary) page for that particular location. For the purpose of this index I have grouped slideshows by subject or state, making it easier for you to find and locate specific slideshows. Once you have located the slideshow you want to view, you then have two viewing options depending upon where it is being hosted.

(Option 1) Slideshows Hosted on Google:
Each show is designed to run automatically in place, without leaving the current browser window. Just click the large "Play" button in the middle of the picture and let it run. Running the cursor over the picture being shown will PAUSE the show and bring up a navigation bar at the bottom of the slideshow window with a Pause, Forward and Back button, allowing you to start, stop or manually forward or back up pictures one at a time.

(Option 2) Slideshows Hosted on OneDrive
 To view the slideshow in place without leaving the current browser window, click the "Play" button on the left of the control bar. To view it full screen, click the "Enlarge" button on the far right of the control bar. During operation, slide the curser over the slideshow window to display the control bar at the bottom. At anytime Press the (Esc) on your keyboard to return to the previous window.

Locating a Specific Slideshow: I have categorized slideshows into two general categories - by location (state and town) or general subject matter. This page contains slideshows that are of a general subject matter. If referred to this page from a previous page, find the desired slideshow by either selecting the appropriate "state" or by scrolling through the slideshows on this page.

CALIFORNIA SLIDESHOWS: Death Valley National Park, Scotty's Castle in Death Valley.

ARIZONA SLIDESHOWS: Oatman Arizona, Chloride Arizona & Roy Purcell Murals.

NEVADA SLIDESHOWS:  Cathedral George State Park

Eldorado Canyon (Techatticup) Mine Tour, Historic Railroad Trail in Boulder NV, Lost Creek Falls in Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Nelson's Landing, Red Spring at Calico Basin, Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area, Corn Creek Field Station, Mt Charleston Scenic Loop, Red Spring at Calico Basin, Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Cold Creek Nevada, St. Thomas Nevada, Weiser Mountains & Quarry, Clark County Wetlands Park, Sloan Canyon, Hemenway Park's Bighorn Sheep, Lovell Canyon, Bowl of Fire, Lost City Museum, Late Night Trailhead, Rogers Spring, Old Spanish Trail, Willow Springs Picnic Area, Pine Creek Canyon Trail, Bristlecone Trail, Cathedral Gorge State Park.


MISC SLIDESHOWS ON THIS PAGE: Waterfowl, Peacocks, Various Cacti, Various Flowers, Roy Purcell Murals, Lou Ruvo Center, Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo, 2010 Super Run Car Show, 2012 Snow Mountain Powwow, Pittman Wash, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

NEW - Tych Slideshows:
     Wildlife Tychs - This slideshow contains 29 Tychs with pictures of various animals and wildlife and only takes 3 minutes and 07 seconds to view on my YouTube site. 

Waterfowl at Floyd Lamb Park

Peacocks at Floyd Lamb Park

Various Cactus Pictures

Various Flower Pictures

Roy Purcell Murals
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo
2010 Super Run Car Show
2012 Snow Mountain Powwow
Pittman Wash - Henderson
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Animal Tych Slideshow

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