Nevada Rock Art – Petroglyph Sites In & Around Clark County

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Well, I did it again. I decided to write another picture book highlighting some of my favorite petroglyph sites. With more than 72 pages and 185 pictures, this book focuses on 12 of the best petroglyph sites in and around Clark County Nevada. It also provides discussions on rock art terminology, dating processes, preservation, recording, and rock art as a language. Its purpose is to entice readers to visit and explore the historic locations described within its pages. A description for each destination, plus information on special points of interest and directions to the location are provided for each destination.
You can preview the first 15 pages by clicking on the cover below. (For better viewing, click the "full-screen" icon on the right of the menu bar first). Because this is a 82 page, 13x11 inch coffee table picture book, it is a little expensive. There there are two options available for the print version. (1) A Hardcover Dust Jacket book for $75.79; (2) A Hardcover, Image Wrap book for $78.79 (not counting shipping). It you are interested, you can order copies by clicking on the link, DIAL written and photographed by Kenneth C. Clarke, found below.

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My first book is a 82 page picture book with more than 279 full color pictures on 26 hiking and
daytrip destinations in and around Las Vegas Nevada. If you are interested in previewing or purchasing this book, click the following link: DIAL by written and photographed by Kenneth C. Clarke