Table of Contents

Chapter 01 - Great Basin Geography

        The Big Picture - North American Rock-Art Areas     
        What is the Great Basin?
Chapter 02 - What is Rock-Art?       
         Defining Rock Art:
Chapter 03 - How is Rock-Art Made?
Petroglyphs, Pictographs & Geoglyphs
         What Types of Rocks Are Used?
         Where Can Rock-Art Be Found?

Chapter 04 - Dating Nevada's People & Cultures
         When was It Made?
         Dating the People & Cultures
              The Paleo-Indian Period (12000BC-9000 BC)
              The Great Basin Archaic Period (9000BC-1800AD)
                    Early Archaic Period (9000BC-4000BC)
                    Middle Archaic Period (4000BC-550AD)
                    Late Archaic Period (550AD-1800AD)
                         The Fremont (500AD-1450AD)
                         Virgin River Anasazi (750AD-1500AD)
                         Contact Period (1800AD-1900AD)
Chapter 05 - Identifying Great Basin Rock Art Cultures
              Determining Who Made the Rock Art:
              Using Ethnographic Study:
                   Who Made Up The Great Basin Cultures?
              Using Anthropology and Archaeology:
              Summary of Nevada's Pre-history:
              The Great Basin Peoples:
Chapter 06 - Study of Rock Art Styles
              Using Rock Art Styles:
                   Great Basin Rock Art Styles:
                       Pit-and-Groove Style:
                       Great Basin Pecked Style:
                       Great Basin Representational Style
                            Great Basin Abstract Curvilinear Style:
                            Great Basin Rectilinear Style:
                            Grapevine Canyon Style:
Chapter 07 - Dating Rock Art
             Methods Used to Date Rock Art:
             Relative Dating:
                Ethnographic study:
             Absolute Dating Dating Methods:
                Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) 14C radiocarbon dating:
                Cation-ration (CR) dating:
                X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis:
                Varnish microlamination (VML) dating:

Chapter 07 - Search for Meaning
         Why Was Rock Art Made?
         Ethnographic interpretation of Rock Art:
         Finding Meaning:
Spiritual Associations:
Astrological Associations:
Rock Art As A Writing Form:

Chapter 08 - What We Think We Know


Chapter 09 - Rock Art Sites in Nevada's Great Basin